And this year’s theme is…

So we’ve been getting loads of people ask us what this year’s theme is at Farmer Phil’s Festival.  For the uninitiated reading this, every year a sizeable contingent of our festival goers like to dress up in fancy dress – it’s part of what makes Farmer Phil’s Festival so much fun!  Last year, we had loads of people dressed up as hula girls for the Hawaiian Beach theme, and in 2014 timbers were shivering all over the camp site as our Pirate theme caught the imagination of so many.

Hawaiian Fancy Dress theme at Farmer Phil's Festival 2015This year, since the festival coincides with a pretty significant sporting event over in Brazil, the theme will be… *drum roll please*… Olympics!  Well, actually, the Philympics to be more precise!

We’re thinking of coming up with our own Farmer Phil’s Festival Olympics that anyone can take part in during the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on that nearer the time.  But for now, get those thinking caps on and see what crazy costumes you can come up with ready for August!


Header image by Nora Tam

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