White Men Can't Funk to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

WHITE MEN CAN’T FUNK are coming back!

Farmer Phil’s Festival is delighted to announce the return of WHITE MEN CAN’T FUNK to Ratlinghope this August! White Men Can’t Funk are the ultimate party band, filling dance floors with fun since 2011.   Always well received, they have played many weddings, functions (including several for the military), festival appearances, conventions, The Ricoh arena, […]

White Men Can't Funk - Farmer Phil's Festival

INTERVIEW: White Men Can’t Funk

You know that classic Hollywood moment? That scene in which Wesley Snipes looks at Woody Harrelson after his third failed attempt to jam out a Stevie Wonder bassline and says “Billy, listen to me. White men can’t funk!” Well, maybe it went down slightly differently in the film, but nevertheless we’re super excited about these […]