Farmer Phil's Festival - The Urban Voodoo Machine - photo by Sin Bozurt


If ever there was a band whose music warranted Quentin Tarantino writing a movie to accompany it, it’s The Urban Voodoo Machine.  An unstable fusion of rockabilly, punk rock and junkyard blues that’s always hinting to bring forth some kind of freakish apocalypse, this band of brothers and sisters (numbering eleven at the last count) are compelling in the extreme.

Described by founder and frontman Paul-Ronney Angel (who, according to the band’s biography, ate his parents and fled the fjords of Norway with just a bottle of moonshine and several slices of decomposing fish in his back pocket) as “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop n’ Stroll”, The Urban Voodoo Machine conjure obvious comparisons to glorious noise merchants like Gogol Bordello, but their reputation as a formidable live proposition is all their own.  Their CV boasts tours with The Pogues and New York Dolls, and show-stopping performances at Glastonbury, Download, Bestival and…

Now we can all look forward to them adding Farmer Phil’s Festival to that impressive list.  That’s right, The Urban Voodoo Machine is coming to raise the roof in Ratlinghope as second headliners on Saturday night, though how we’re going to fit them all on our famous rotating stage is quite another thing!

Feast your eyes and ears on this crazy lot, and then book those tickets if you haven’t already!

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