Vojta - Farmer Phil's Festival

VOJTA confirmed for 2017

As those of you familiar with the Farmer Phil’s Festival experience will know, we embrace a broad spectrum of styles and musical genres here in the Shropshire Hills, with our artists typically being a balanced mix of local talent and profile acts from further afield.  We’ve had acts from all over the globe play our lovely little festival, and have already announced this year’s Sunday night headliners as Indiana’s Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band.

We are extremely excited to announce that we’ll also be joined this year by Vojta, all the way from New Zealand.

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Vojta grew up in a small village by the mountains and learnt to play the violin from the age of seven, picking up some piano and guitar along the way.  Upon relocating to New Zealand in 2014, he started the Mad Hallelujah Tribe band after a chance meeting with like-minded souls at a music festival.  Learning the didgeridoo soon followed and in early 2016 Vojta started playing live as a solo act to complement his work in the MHT.

There’s a spirituality to Vojta’s music that has blown us all away at Farmer Phil’s Festival and we’re so pleased to be introducing him to you all at this year’s festival.  In the meantime, turn off the lights, hit play on the video below and close your eyes for five minutes.  We’re sure you’ll hear exactly why we were so keen to bring Vojta to Ratlinghope!

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