Safety & Security at Farmer Phil’s Festival

We want you to have the best time imaginable at our festival and we believe that staying happy and staying safe go hand in hand. Whether it’s you, your children or your belongings you are worried about, below are a few things to consider, so nothing will spoil your fun!

Feeling under the weather?

Come rain or shine there are people on hand at Farmer Phil's Festival to help with any complaint, whatever it may be. If you are ill or injured seek help from a first aider. Head to the main arena, next to the main gate where the our trained medics are located or speak to a steward who will be able to get help.


We will not allow any glass to be brought into our festival arena. We trust that you understand the need for such security measures. Please help us by complying with this requirement.  These items are still allowed on the camp site but we ask that everybody remains respectful and remembers livestock is kept on the fields throughout the rest of the year. Recycling facilities will be made available - please use them.


Remember, drugs are just as illegal at Farmer Phil's Festival as they are everywhere else. Festivals are busy and can be overwhelming. They are not a good place to experiment. We operate a zero tolerance policy on drugs.

Remember, as well as looking after yourself, it's just as important to look out for others. If you see anyone who looks like they may need medical attention, please find a steward and let them know. Stewards are always on hand to help so if you see anything amiss don’t keep it to yourself, let them know.


We try our best to keep the site as safe as possible but we encourage you to do all that you can to keep your possessions as secure as possible.  Only bring the essentials with you to Farmer Phil's Festival, any valuables that you don’t need are best left at home.

Before you leave home also take a few minutes to register your gadgets with the UK National Property Register Immobilise.  This service is free and will help the police return your items to you if things go astray.

When sleeping in your tent store your valuables well away from the door. The safest place to stow your most valuable items whilst you sleep is at the bottom of your sleeping bag alongside your stinky feet!

Bring only the cash cards you need, leave all non-essentials at home. Write down important phone numbers such as your banks emergency number to call if your card is lost or stolen. Don’t just save them on your phone in case, heaven forbid, you lose this as well!

Don’t leave any valuables unattended and split cash and cards into two stashes so if one is lost or stolen, you have a backup stash.

Your phone

If you are bringing your smartphone with you, there are many apps available on the market that can protect your phone so download one of these before you arrive on site. Even better, if you can do without a snazzy mobile phone for a weekend and there is an old phone knocking around at home that you can dust off and use, bring it along instead.  Thanks to the installation of a new mobile telecommunications mast nearby, we now have good quality signal on the EE network.

Child safety

You will be given a wristband for each of your children. We ask that you write contact names and numbers on each one. This is for your child's safety.  Our lost children point will be at the Security desk at the site entrance. Should you become separated with our child, please go to see one of our team there. Please remember that our security team will not let children in or out of the arena without an adult, again, this if for their safety. Please do not ask them to make any exceptions.

Lost property

Report any lost or stolen items to the Ticket Office located on the campsite next to the main gate.  If you find something that does not belong to you, don’t just keep it, do the right thing and hand it in to the Info Office so it can be returned to its rightful owner.

A few last points if we get hot weather over the weekend; be sure to keep yourself hydrated, know your drinking limits and slap on some sun cream!

Carbon Monoxide warning

Carbon Monoxide warning