Silverchild to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2024

SILVERCHILD set to rock Ratlinghope!

The Farmer Phil’s team are delighted to announce Staffordshire rock n’ rollers Silverchild will be strutting, swaggering and generally kicking ass on our Woodland Stage this August.

A well established hard rock outfit from Stoke-on-Trent, Silverchild mainly draw their influences from the legends of the70s like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.  Combining catchy riffs, punchy vocals and hundred-ton-heavy grooves, they’ve created a sound uniquely anchored both in the past and the present.

The band are constantly gigging and to date have supported the likes of Orange Goblin, Mars Red Sky and Karma to Burn, to mention a few.  And after a show-stealing performance at Farmer Phil’s Festival last year, we were only too pleased to invite them back to the Shropshire Hills to play our eclectic little festival once again.


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