Gaz Brookfield

Gaz Brookfield talks gigs, griffins and more!

The excitement is building here at Near Gatten Farm and the final preparations are being made to the site ahead of this year’s Farmer Phil’s Festival, which we’re certain is going to be the best one yet.  As regular visitors to Farmer Phil’s Festival will know, there are some artists we love so much that we invite them back year after year.  One such artist is the thoroughly awesome Gaz Brookfield, who has been entertaining us for years on our second stage.  We’re delighted to welcome him back to Ratlinghope again this year and caught up with him to get his thoughts ahead the big weekend.

FPF: You’re becoming quite the veteran of Farmer Phil’s Festival these days, but this year you’re treading the boards of our famous rotating stage for the first time… looking forward to it?

GB: Yes.  Although it’s not my first time on that stage. Last year I was a dancing monkey for my good friend Funke and The Two Tone Baby.

FPF: What do you enjoy most about playing Farmer Phil’s Festival?

GB: The best thing about playing at Farmer Phil’s is being in a field with the loveliest people around.

FPF: For those unfamiliar with your sound, how would you describe it and what can festival goers expect from a Gaz Brookfield show?

GB: What I lack in technical ability and talent, I attempt to make up for with shouting and sweating.

FPF: Have you got anything new planned for us this year?

GB: I plan on riding onto the stage on a resplendent and majestic mythical creature.  I’m thinking maybe a Griffin.

FPF: How has life been since last year’s festival – you never seem to sit still?

GB: Life since last year’s festival has been awesome thanks. Got married, done a lot of gigs, wrote a new album.

FPF: Congratulations!  You’ve been hard at work on your fifth studio album – when can we get our hands on it and what can we expect to hear?

GB: The new album is out in December.  You can expect to hear songs.  Definitely some songs on it.

FPF: You’re heading out on the road with The Levellers and Ferocious Dog – what are you most looking forward to about that tour?

GB: I am most looking forward to seeing what cheeses Ellis (FD) will be bringing.

FPF: Finally, our in-house promoter Laura is determined to prove the lyrics of your track ‘Solo Acoustic Guy’ wrong since we pay every act at Farmer Phil’s Festival (and quite rightly too!)… time to change your lyrics?

GB: The lyrics to ‘Solo Acoustic Guy’ will not be changed, no.  The line about it being unusual for us to get paid is a reference to one particular festival, which shall remain nameless.


Here’s Gaz Brookfield’s official video for ‘Sailor Jerry’s Kitchen’, taken from his most recent studio album:

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