The Mighty Vipers to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

THE MIGHTY VIPERS chasing Salopian sun

Farmer Phil’s Festival is pleased to announce THE MIGHTY VIPERS will be joining us in August for our 21st birthday shenanigans!

An upbeat indie party band with a love for world rhythms and ska-tinged arrangements that bring to mind names like The Cat Empire, Ozomatli and the Hackney Colliery band, The Mighty Vipers formed in Northern England in 2015 when members of much-loved UK ska-punk outfit Catch-it Kebabs (Do the Dog Music) joined forces with Manchester brass band, LBJF, producing a sound clash of high-octane, brass-fuelled music that gets the dance-floor shaking.

As an eight-piece, their first musical offering ‘Elemental’ was released in April 2017 and is an exploration of music from across the world. It takes the spirit of South American and Caribbean music; the rhythms and melodies, the socio-political fire that burns deep within. It is dancing music, created with the sole purpose of bringing people together.

Since the release of their debut, the Mighty Vipers wasted no time hitting the road, enjoying a second successful European tour. Back home in the UK, the band has gone from strength to strength, garnering a reputation for their chaotic and entertaining live shows, expect limbo, dance offs and a whole lot of positive energy firing off stage.

2018 was the band’s most successful yet with the release of their first feature video, a very brassy EP, and lots more onstage antics seeing their reputation on the live circuit grow show by show.  This year has carried on where 2018 left off and this summer is set to be an exciting time for The Mighty Vipers and their audiences alike!


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