Farmer Phil's Festival 2018

Announcing the Parlour Stage artists for 2018!

We are extremely excited to announce the artists set to play our famous Parlour rotating stage this summer.  And what better to melt away the blues of this wintry weekend than the prospect of the legendary ASWAD, one of the UK’s best loved reggae bands, bringing the house down with their international hits ‘Don’t Turn Around’, ‘Shine’ and more?

Visitors to Farmer Phil’s Festival in 2017 will remember how the amazing DR & THE MEDICS delivered a sensational performance, nearly lifting the roof off with hits including ‘Timewarp’ and their number one smash ‘Spirit in the Sky’.  We’re so pleased to welcome them back to Ratlinghope for our 20th anniversary spectacular.

Then there’s Farmer Phil’s Festival favourites DAN OWEN, FIGHT THE BEAR, LEGEND, and even the spectacular JAKE & ELWOOD’S BLUES BROTHERS SHOW to look forward to, and a whole lot more.

Click the thumbnail below to view a full size version of the poster, and feel free to share all over social media and spread the word!

With this year being our 20th anniversary, tickets have been selling like hotcakes ever since they went on sale.  Buy yours today!


Farmer Phil's Festival 2018 Parlour Stage artists

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