EXCLUSIVE – Ferocious Dog interview!

We’re so excited about this year’s festival, everyone here is convinced it’s going to be the best yet.  Not only have we put together a superb line-up (if we do say so ourselves!) but we’ve got Farmer Phil’s Festival favourites Ferocious Dog opening AND closing proceedings this year!  So as we count down the days before they strike those opening chords, we caught up with frontman Ken Bonsall to get the latest from the Ferocious Dog camp…


FPF: How have things been for Ferocious Dog since we saw you guys last year?

KB: Things have been going INSANE at camp Ferocious Dog since last summer, in a good way!

FPF: You’ve had great success selling out high profile venues up and down the country, built largely on good ol’ fashioned word of mouth.  What is it about Ferocious Dog that seems to capture the fans’ imagination?

KB: I think it’s firstly about having a good time with the Hell Hounds – so many friendships have been made through our music.  Then it’s the rollercoaster ride of emotion and thought-provoking songs that speak the truth, mixed with raw high energy folk rock to dive into the mosh pit to!

FPF: For newcomers to Farmer Phil’s Festival who may be unfamiliar with Ferocious Dog, what can they expect from you?

KB: Newcomers can expect a great live show in the most beautiful festival setting surrounded by some of the nicest people you could ever meet.

FPF: We know why we like you guys, but what is it that’s brought you back to Farmer Phil’s Festival time and again?

KB: Farmer Phil’s Festival feels like home for Ferocious Dog – the festival is so good to be at and be part of.

The Ferocious Dog interview with Ken Bonsall for Farmer Phil's FestivalFPF: This year will be the first time a band will have both opened AND closed Farmer Phil’s Festival.  Have you got anything special in store for us?

KB: We certainly have!  Not to give too much away but the acoustic set on the Friday will have a few hidden extras, so make sure you’re there bright and early to catch us!

FPF: Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival?

KB: That is such an unfair question as this year’s line up is out of this world – well done Laura Jane for that, by the way.  Having said that, we’re playing at Boomtown Festival on the Saturday night and after our set we’re hightailing it straight back to Farmer Phil’s Festival to catch our good friends in Dreadzone.

FPF: By the time you hit our famous revolving stage again in August, you’ll have once again graced Glastonbury.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to pick which you like best, but how does playing such an enormous, iconic event compare with the Farmer Phil’s Festival experience?

KB: No comparison! Farmer Phil’s Festival wins every time for me, it’s like home for Ferocious Dog.  Yes, it is AMAZING to be asked to perform on Billy Bragg’s stage (Leftfield Stage) at Glastonbury this year, but I just love Farmer Phil’s Festival!

FPF: Ferocious Dog are constantly touring – where are you headed after Farmer Phil’s Festival?

We’re heading off to Holland for a festival and some music venue gigs, but we’re gonna be busy for the rest of the year – check out www.ferociousdog.co.uk for a full list of our forthcoming shows.

FPF: Those who’re familiar with Ferocious Dog will know that you take a keen interest in politics.  Where do you land on the current Leave/Remain debate, and why?

KB: I can only speak for myself, and I will be voting to stay in the EU for better protection for workers’ rights and human rights.

FPF: Lastly, you seemed to be having fun onstage with The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican at last year’s Farmer Phil’s Festival – how was it for you?

KB: Last year’s festival was AWESOME! The Barsteward Sons Of Val Doonican are not just a great and funny band but also really good friends too, so it really was an honour to join them on stage.  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone again at this year’s Farmer Phil’s Festival – thanks from Red Ken and the rest of Ferocious Dog.


Here’s a clip of Ferocious Dog at Farmer Phil’s Festival back in 2013 to whet your appetites for this coming August!

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