Fancy dress theme for Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

Fancy dress theme confirmed for 2019

Regular visitors to Farmer Phil’s Festival will know that each year we have a particularly theme, usually centred around fancy dress.  In the past you’ve outdone yourselves with wacky outfits on the themes of pirates, cowboys & indians, rainbows & unicorns, fairies and all sorts in between.

We love seeing what you all come up with, and this year we want even more of you involved so we’ve chosen a theme that even those of you who are fancy dress-averse can get on board with.

Drum roll please…

The theme for Farmer Phil’s Festival 2019 will be: CRAZY HATS!

Let your imaginations run wild, folks – these can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  Will you opt for perfectly practical or downright daft?  The choice is yours… and of course if you want to complete the look with an accompanying outfit, that’s quite alright with us too!

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