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Living, loving & learning with Adam Scriven

Anglo-Australian acoustic guitar-playing and didgeridoo-wielding extraordinaire Adam Scriven is over in the UK currently and we’re stoked about him making his Farmer Phil’s Festival debut while he’s here.  We caught up with Adam ahead of his arrival in Ratlinghope.


FPF: We’re pretty confident you’ll have traveled the furthest distance to join us at Farmer Phil’s Festival in 2016 – why don’t you explain to readers who may not be familiar with you or your material about your Anglo-Aussie background?

AS: I grew up in Somerset not far from Glastonbury, at 21 I went to Australia to travel, fell in love with the country and I’ve spent the last 15 years based there.

FPF: Your rhythmic, bright-sounding guitar playing, particularly on tracks like ‘Live, Love and Learn’ and ‘Done With Doin’ Battle’, is reminiscent of artists like John Butler Trio.  Where do you draw your influences from, both musically and lyrically?

AS: I couldn’t play a single note before going to Oz, my inspiration initially came from travelling the country and seeing artists play at markets and festivals and starting to learn myself. There’s definitely an Australian sound that I love that’s based around great acoustic guitar playing. Artists like John Butler, Xavier Rudd, Kim Churchill and Jeff Lang are among the best I know.

FPF: You’re a multi-talented chap aren’t you, what with your guitar, didgeridoo, djembe, foot stomp and harmonica playing – what are you planning to take up next?

AS: Belly dancing!

FPF: You’ve been back in the UK since early July, how has the tour been so far, and where is it taking you after Farmer Phil’s Festival?

AS: The tour’s going great! It’s always such an honour when we go to new places and the people receive the music really well. I love being on the road doing grassroots touring from the back of a van, we get some amazing hospitality. Looking forward to some more festivals while we’re in the country.

FPF: You became a father not so long ago – congratulations, by the way – has fatherhood changed your outlook on life in any way, and how is this reflected in your music?

AS: Thanks, yeah he’s an awesome ball of fun, we’re just enjoying him as much as we can. He inspires me every day and he loves listening to me play… best audience member ever!

FPF: It’s three years since you released your ‘Live, Love and Learn’ EP – how have you found the general reaction to it, and are there plans to get back in the studio on the horizon?

AS: With so much music out there it blows me away when anyone tells me they listen to it, or if they have a favourite song. The last few years I’ve focused on improving my live performances and selling CDs at shows. Just before leaving Oz I spent ten days in the studio recording a new album, which I’m planning to release towards the end of the year.

FPF: Finally, we’ve got a real eclectic line-up at Farmer Phil’s Festival – who are you most looking forward to sharing the stage with?

AS: Yeah it’s a great line up, great to see some guys on there that have inspired me: Gaz Brookfield, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, Sam Green and The Undercover Hippy.


You can see Adam Scriven playing live at Farmer Phil’s Festival on Sunday 14 August 2016 at 19:00.  Here’s his track ‘Done With Doin’ Battle’ to whet your appetite:

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