NECK to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

Farmer Phil’s Festival sticking its NECK out

Farmer Phil’s Festival is pleased to announce the addition of London-Irish Psycho-Ceilídh rockers NECK to the line-up for 2019’s live music extravaganza! With their heady blend of authentic uplifting Irish swirl and electric ballsy Punk swagger Neck are the cutting-edge that scythes incisively through the contemporary Celtic scene, as befits a band known as ‘The […]

The Undercover Hippy to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019


Farmer Phil’s Festival are delighted to confirm the return of THE UNDERCOVER HIPPY to Ratlinghope.  Billy Rowan and his merry band of groove makers delivered a star turn on our famous stage back in 2016 and we’re so excited we’ll get to dance like it’s our last chance this summer! Drum and Bass MC turned singer-songwriter […]

One Eyed God to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

ONE EYED GOD strapped in for 2019

Farmer Phil’s Festival is pleased to announce that ONE EYED GOD will be pogoing all over the stage at this year’s extravaganza! Blasting out an infectiously raucous wall of sound, One Eyed God are a 5-piece combo and have been a regular fixture on the festival circuit since forming in 2011. Fusing punky ska, reggae […]

Fancy dress theme for Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

Fancy dress theme confirmed for 2019

Regular visitors to Farmer Phil’s Festival will know that each year we have a particularly theme, usually centred around fancy dress.  In the past you’ve outdone yourselves with wacky outfits on the themes of pirates, cowboys & indians, rainbows & unicorns, fairies and all sorts in between. We love seeing what you all come up […]

The Stiff Joints to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

THE STIFF JOINTS set to spark in Shropshire

Farmer Phil’s Festival is pleased to announce THE STIFF JOINTS are to play this year’s event. Describing themselves as “dangerously average”, The Stiff Joints have been lighting up faces at festivals and venues with their exuberant live show for the past decade. In the wake of the 2017 debut full length, ‘First Proper Album’, the […]

Black Water County to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

BLACK WATER COUNTY sign up for 2019

Farmer Phil’s Festival is delighted to announce that BLACK WATER COUNTY will be joining us in Ratlinghope this August! Through a fusion of folk instruments, punk energy and catchy pop melodies, Black Water County’s sing along choruses rile up audiences all over the UK and across Europe since their first headline tour in 2018. The […]

3 Daft Monkeys playing Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

3 DAFT MONKEYS set for cheeky appearance

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that 3 DAFT MONKEYS will be playing Farmer Phil’s Festival 2019. With Celtic and eastern influences, the 3 Daft Monkeys’ dynamic style of world folk music reflects the global village in which we now live. Their infectious dancing rhythms lead you through a musical journey of the senses […]

Georgia & The Vintage Youth to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019


The excitement keeps on building here at Near Gatten Farm, where we’re delighted to announce that GEORGIA & THE VINTAGE YOUTH will be joining us for Farmer Phil’s Festival 2019! In her own words: I’m Georgia Crandon, 22, singer/songwriter from Essex and I gig with my band The Vintage Youth. I grew up listening to soul, […]

Worry Dolls to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

WORRY DOLLS winging their way to Shropshire

Farmer Phil’s Festival is delighted to confirm that WORRY DOLLS will be joining us for our 21st birthday celebrations in Ratlinghope this summer! Worry Dolls are a compelling duo born out of the joint talents of multi-instrumentalists Zoe Nicol and Rosie Jones. Serendipity brought them together at an open mic night when they were 18, […]

Columbia to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

COLUMBIA return to Ratlinghope in 2019

Following their rousing performance on our second stage last year, we are pleased to announce the return of COLUMBIA for Farmer Phil’s Festival 2019. Columbia is a rock n’ roll, guts n’ glory powerhouse quintet from Liverpool, hailed by some as The Best New Band in The North™.  Word is spreading and shows are selling […]