Oh My God! It's The Church to play Farmer Phil's Festival 2019

Rejoice: OH MY GOD! IT’S THE CHURCH confirm!

Farmer Phil’s Festival is rejoicing at the news that OH MY GOD! IT’S THE CHURCH will be delivering communion to our faithful disciples this August!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Or so the saying goes, but there is nothing mysterious about the incredible buzz which surrounds one of the most acclaimed acts around, Oh My God! It’s The Church.

An international entertainment phenomenon, which combines live music, comedy and thrilling dance routines; their wild Services have travelled the world, infecting the masses with undiluted, raucous joy.

Fronted by insane preacher the Right Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson, their Mission from God is to bring people together through Funk, Soul, Disco and Absinthe… lots and lots of Absinthe.

Oh My God! It’s The Church is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and yet also as familiar as your Grandmammy’s biscuit tin. Nominated as ‘Live Act of The Year’ at the AIF Festival Congress Awards, this Leftfield Church service has their audiences rolling in the aisles and dancing on the pews!


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